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View it Wisely

WiseImage answers the unmet need for biomarkers
in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device

research & development using advanced imaging methodologies in preclinical and clinical studies

Our Mission


To accelerate pharmaceutical and medical device development using advanced medical imaging techniques, providing structural and quantitative biomarkers. Imaging biomarkers add valuable information about cellular function, enabling sophisticated evaluation of disease states and therapeutic efficacy, in preclinical and clinical stages.

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Our Services


We see every new project as a partnership; we design the imaging protocol, choose the appropriate methodologies for the study, and provide high quality image analysis.

We develop custom made software and image analysis pipeline to the project needs, based on cutting edge scientific knowledge.


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Our Experience


Our team has vast experience with the latest advancements in medical imaging modalities, molecular imaging tracers and disease biomarkers offering an innovative solution  for pre-clinical and clinical studies in various fields, including:

neuroscience, oncology, orthopedic, Musculoskeletal, 

Cardiovascular, Stem cells, nanomedicine.

Founder and CEO of WiseImage
Dr. Efrat Sasson


Dr. Efrat Sasson founded WiseImage after five years of experience as the professional and scientific manager of many projects in the advanced biomedical imaging.  

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