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 ABOUT WiseImage

WiseImage Vision

Our vision is to accelerate drug and medical device development using state of the art advanced medical imaging. Our approach answered and continues to answer the unmet need of biomedical companies, physicians and scientists performing pre-clinical and clinical studies for in-vivo biomarkers of various disease states and therapeutic effect. We provide in-vivo, high resolution, quantitative and functional biomarkers, allowing longitudinal follow up of any treatment and disease, which is translation from animal studies to humans. We use a variaty advanced imaging methods including MRI, CT, and PET.

Medical Fields Expertise


WiseImage has a vast experience in many therapeutic, disease state and scientist studies, using advanced imaging methodologies:


  • Neuroscience, CNS diseases

  • Oncology 

  • Orthopedic

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Cardiovascular

  • Stem cells therapy 

  • Medical implants 

  • Evaluation of magnetic nanoparticles

  • Agriculture

Advanced Imaging Methodologies


WiseImage has a vast experience in various advanced imaging methodologies, including:


  • Quantitative T1 and T2 mapping

  • Diffusion weighted and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)

  • Dynamic susceptibility contrast imaging (DSC, or perfusion)

  • Dynamic contrast enhancement (DCE)

  • Functional MRI

  • Molecular Imaging and magnetic nano-particles bio-distribution

  • Volumetric analysis of CT and MRI high resolution images

  • Stem cells tracking using nanoparticles

  • Fat imaging using fat and water suppression methods

  • PET\SPECT imaging

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